Now leverage the power of machine learning to free up your researcher’s time from doing laborious tasks and enable them to do what they do best – Provide business insights
Build your report in less than 30 minutes with ZERO errors
The tool exports 100s of charts and designs the slides using pre-defined templates in <30 minutes. The automation ensures 100% accuracy and no inconsistencies in formatting and design
Works on any data table
Whether you use Confirmit, Decipher, Sawtooth, etc. Insights-AI can read and analyze the data tables using machine learning

Best data visualization
Let the artificial intelligence select the best data visualization for your survey data
Insights-AI allows you tremendous flexibility to do a lot with your reports
Create or use your own templates
The tool allows you to customize your slide template that you can choose to use it one time or use the same template for all your reports.

The tool is also smart to use company templates and generate slides using same themes

Custom any data or chart at anytime
The tool allows you to change data visualization suggestions offered by the tool. You can select your preferred chart type, color pallet, grading scale, etc. and let the tool fulfill your command in a click of a button

Convenient payment option
We provide convenient pricing options based on your needs. We offer enterprise accounts for those who have high capacity charting needs. For occasional ‘charters’ you can use our ‘pay-per-table’ model